Brewing Equipment

Brewing Equipment

When it comes to brewing equipment, Seal and Pump Engineering have the solutions for you. With our extensive knowledge and vast engineering experience we are uniquely qualified to offer standard or bespoke plant equipment to suit your brewing process, like no other supplier. Seal and Pump Engineering covers the complete brewing process from the mill to the valves of the bright beer tanks.

Our primary mission within the brewing industry is to supply the tools needed to brew better beer. Provide the brewers with reliable information and equipment to make the job easier and more efficient so they can get back to the fine art of brewing beer.


  • Bright Beer Transfer Pumps
  • Cold Liquor Pumps
  • CIP Transfer Pump
  • CIP Sets
  • EU 1935 / 2004 - FDA Mechanical Seals
  • Grain Transfer Pumps
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Hot Liquor Pumps
  • Hygienic Hose
  • Manway Door Seals
  • Mash Pumps
  • Pipe / Valve Fittings
  • Pipe Work Alterations
  • Portable Pumps
  • Reverse Engineering Bespoke / Old Equipment
  • Standard Mechanical Seals
  • Tanks / Vessels
  • Valves
  • Wort Pumps

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